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Salus THB23030 Auto Balancing Actuator

The Professional's Choice for Reliable UFH System Balancing

The Salus THB23030 Auto Balancing Actuator is engineered for underfloor heating systems, providing a seamless solution for maintaining designed temperature differential (ΔT) across UFH circuits. This actuator is equipped with a precision motor that modulates the valve pin position, ensuring a steady 7°C temperature differential between the supply and return pipework, which is key to achieving optimal system performance and enhancing comfort within the home.

Key features of the Salus THB23030 

Automatic Balancing
The actuator has a unique built-in automatic balancing control that ensures each UFH circuit is always correctly balanced, maintaining optimal performance across the system.

Energy Efficient
It operates with ultra-low power consumption, less than 0.5W, contributing to energy savings and reducing overall heating costs. 

Easy & Quick to Install
The device is designed for quick installation, featuring a universal M30 x 1.5mm screw thread and 2 contact sensors designed to fit 16mm pipework, measuring the flow and return temperature in the heating loop.

Precision Motorized Actuator
Utilizes a high-precision motor to adjust the valve pin precisely, ensuring accurate control over the heating system.

Fast Valve Opening & Closing
The actuator boasts fast actuator opening and closing times, typically around 30 seconds, allowing for rapid adjustments to heating demands.

Fit & Forget UFH Balance Control
Once installed, the actuator requires minimal maintenance, providing a "fit and forget" solution for underfloor heating  balance control.

Two-Piece Pipe Sensors
Includes two temperature sensors that are clipped onto the flow and return pipes of the UFH circuit, enabling the actuator to measure and adjust the temperature differential to a constant 7°C between the emitter flow and return pipes.

Extended Warranty
The product comes with a 5-year warranty, providing long-term assurance of its quality and durability.

Size and Power Supply
The actuator has a compact size of 38 x 93 x 53 mm and operates on a 230V AC 50Hz power supply, making it suitable for a wide range of UFH systems.
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