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  • Plate Heat Exchangers Explained

    Plate heat exchangers have become an essential component in modern heating systems. These devices play a crucial role in transferring heat between two fluids without direct contact. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of plate heat exchangers...

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  • Hydraulic Separation in Heating Systems

    Hydraulic separation is a critical concept that ensures the efficient and effective operation of hydronic (water-based) heating systems, especially in configurations involving multiple loads or temperatures. It is designed to prevent the interference of circulators within the system, allowing each...

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  • Salus THB23030 Auto Balancing Actuator

    The Professional's Choice for Reliable UFH System Balancing The Salus THB23030 Auto Balancing Actuator is engineered for underfloor heating systems, providing a seamless solution for maintaining designed temperature differential (ΔT) across UFH circuits. This actuator is equipped with a precision motor that...

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